DSPN-D400W Four-axis Automatic Dispenser

High performance automated dispensing robot of DSPN series have accurate image alignment of vision system and various optional functions. Our automated dispensing robot provides our customers great confidence in quality assurance and is widely used in the manufacture procedure of LCD, mobile phone, touch panel, LED, SMT and the relevant industry.

Windows Embedded 7 for PC-Based system.English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified
    Chinese language provided.

Automatic recognition of positioning with CCD camera. By using camera teaching or
    graphic edit in our system, we can create a path of working points for dispenser.

Teaching and graphic editing using needle coordinates, corresponding to the work
     table position, easy conversion of the program.

I/O ports are provided to ensure different requirement of product manufacturing
    and more equipment added.

Optional choices of needle offset detect system, and workpiece height measurement

3D Dispensing Path

Able to run 3D dispense path.Measure the thickness change and correct workpiece height of dispense.

Needle Offset Detect

After changing needle,use needle adjuster can correct
the position offset automatically.

Image alignment

Automatic recognition of positioning with CCD camera, correcting offset of workpiece position.


Graphic Edit and Support DXF

Support AutoCAD DXF files and graphic edit coordinate the same as needle coordinate.

Matrix Dot Dispensing

Our GUI system is easy to use for increasing matrix of workpiece or dispensing dot action, and also block certain items easily.

Fill Area

Provide multiple kinds of fill area action, and they are easy to teach and complete.



Functions of dispensing, measurements and vision observing in one machine can reduce operating time in different machine.
Measurements of distance between 2 dots, 2 circles and circle diameter, circle center, stripe width are provided.

4-axis Simultaneous Motion

Able to run 3D dispense path.4-axis Simultaneous Motion.

Side face dispensing.

Adding W rotating axis, our dispenser can progress side face dispensing . It provides the dispensing area that 3-Axis dispenser can't achieve.




Models DSPN-D400W
Moving Range X/Y/Z (mm) , W(degree) 400/400/100 (mm) , ±360°
Working Range X/Y/Z (mm) , W(degree) max 300/300/100 (mm) , ±360°
Load Y-AXIS / Z-AXIS 15 kg / 10 kg
X&Y/Z (mm/sec) , W(degree/sec) 600/500 (mm/sec) , 360°/sec
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm/ Axis
Data Storage Type HDD or SSD
Program Display 17" (or larger) LCD
Motor System Micro Step Motor
Control Method PTP & CP
Interpolation Function 4 axis (3D Dispensing Path)
Programming Method PC Teach / Graphic Edit
I/O Signals Port 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs
Power Supply AC110 - 220V 300W
Working Temperature 10 - 50 ℃
Working Relative Humidity 20 - 90% no condensation
Dimensions (W X D X H mm) 654 x 695 x 940
Robot Weight (kg) 60 kg
Option Needle Offset Detect
Measurement of Work Height

※Specification and  appearance may be changed without prior notice.